Monday, June 27, 2016

Little Monster

It seems the "cake smash" or "smash cake", depending on your preference, has been a tried and true tradition in many homes for years. My Mom has a picture of my brother sitting on the kitchen table, elbow deep in a layer cake with baby blue frosting. His first birthday, and of course he was permitted to play in his cake. Doesn't it seem like that would be a confusing situation for a kid? On any other day of the year it is not acceptable for the baby to play in his food. As soon as he turns the big "1", all we want is to see the little guy covered in frosting and loving every minute of it! As crazy as that seems, the appeal is as strong as ever. 
The only difference seems to be the "fancy". 
Smash cakes are beautiful works of art! 
From pretty pink cupcakes to fun and colorful characters, the cakes steal the show! 

Today I bring you this sweet cake smashin' one year old! Bryce McDowell has hit his first milestone and we celebrated with a "Little Monster" themed session. The colors were so fun and the cake was just so creative...not to mention delish! If you'd like to have a fancy cake for of your own, contact the talented Kim's Kakes and Kandys. You can find her on Facebook. The adorable knit outfit was made by Kass McDowell at Crochetmomma2011. You can find her on Facebook as well. And she just happens to be Bryce's Aunt! Paper flowers and banner by Me!! 

Enjoy this happy boy and his cake!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catching Up...

In an effort to move forward at a reasonable pace, and not leave any of my beautiful families by the blog wayside, I am about to SUPER BLOG. One blog entry, 7 super family sessions! After that, I will be caught up through 2015!! 
At least with family sessions, that is. 

Here we go!

First the Coffey Family! Had a super time at Longwood Gardens with Duncan and Kelly and their daughters Sydney and Sammy.


Next up, we have the Backert Family. My friends Jim and Marlene and their entire crew warmed my heart on a cold December day. 


I always enjoy my sessions with Stephen and Amy McDowell and their adorable boys!


Danny and Brynn gave me some amazing smiles this fall, and boy, they booked when the colors were glorious! That was the magic week this year for fall colors!


A special time with the Wilkinson Family this fall, as they bring home their adopted son, Mason and share their life and love with this special boy.


Here is a really beautiful bunch. Ben and Jenny Hokuf and their crew, including four littles of their own and four young adult cousins of Ben's who are a very special part of the family. 


Finally, here is another Hokuf Family...Ben's Uncle Bronson, his wife Sharon and ALL the kids!! What a great time we had as the entire gang reunited from all over and celebrated with a group session. Beautiful setting...Bronson's parents home and property. 
Acres of forest and creeks and memories. 

 I love looking at these and remembering the time I spent with each family. Love my job.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Here's my friend Megan Malone. She is the sweet daughter of a close friend and it was a blessing to get to do her Senior portraits. It's always sobering to realize your friends children are growing up, graduating, going to college and then eventually getting married...just becoming adults! What a blessing, though, to watch them grow up and see all that they become. Makes me feel old, so old.  At the same time I feel so proud of these kids. And this one...she amazes me! 
A gifted artist, musician, student and just an all around special young lady. We only had about an hour together before the sunlight dropped, but she gave me her best. I think she does that a lot, gives her best. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Cox Family

Fall Family Fotos...yes as a matter of fact here we are STILL trying to get through October sessions!!
It's OK though, because hey, it gives me a chance to throw back to this amazing family! 

Meet Hope, Tony, Gavin, Bryce and Trey Cox. I dare you to find a better batch of smiles. No joke, this crew had it down. We walked around the beautiful wooded trails of Fair Hill Nature Center and found amazing backdrops for this session. God was showing us His amazing handiwork in a big way! The kids were great and enjoyed climbing out to the rocks and through the woods. Such a blessing to spend the morning with them!