Monday, December 20, 2010

The Littles

 The Littles were at my house my invitation. I picked them up from school and we had a whole afternoon together. We had a blast...

This is Allyson
She is...
...the one we call Sonny...(Ally-SON)
...a windstorm...taking your breath with the sheer force of her presence.
....wreaking havoc on my living room right now.
...athletic, solid, swift, sure-footed.
...a lover of books, and an excellent reader =-]
...the biggest consumer of sugar (when she can get away with it) in the tri- state area.
...capable of melting your heart into a puddle inside of 30 seconds. And she uses get that sugar I was referring to. She cracks me up!

This is Sydney

          She is...
...the one we call CeCe...that's her own baby talk for "Sydney", we'll never let her forget it.
              ...a truly tender heart.
          ...always making something.
...always helping. Yesterday she made coffee (after I showed her how) and served it to my brother
                                  on a tray...while wearing an apron...just because.
                ...empathetic and kind.
             ...sometimes bossy, I hate to admit it but she is a Krummel to the core.
                  ...fluent in sign language...I'm serious...she has a little friend in her class who is deaf. 
                   Syd learned by watching the "translator". They say she has a gift. I am proud of her.

I love being an aunt. I am proud of all my nieces and nephews. They are a special bunch. I have a ton...on both sides of the fam. They are each a blessing in my life. 
Oh and I forgot...It's Sweet Shot Tuesday's over at Darcy's...

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Oh my goodness. Sonny and Cece are so cute. Seriously ADORABLE! It looks like you had a wonderfully fun time with your girls : ) Littles are the best, aren't they?

  2. Nothing like Christmas crafts and girly shows to make Christmas special!

    Have a blessed one!

  3. stopping by a little late, you asked me to drop by to see your nieces from Sweet Shot...yours are adorable!