Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Silly

I'm gonna do something silly, but I got the idea from Pioneer Woman so don't blame me, ha! I loved her latest post! All she did was upload the latest pics from her phone, posted them and gave a running commentary. I loved it because it gave a little glimpse into her life! goes.

 Now before you judge, there was a reason why I took a picture of this electrical socket hanging out of the wall. I had just finished painting the walls in our new home office space. VERY excited, by the way, that it is almost finished! I picked this color, "elephant skin" and then took a pic to send to a friend who was texting me and wanted to know how it looked. I included the plug for color contrast. Aren't I smart? Don't answer that. Anyway, the color is great, but yeah, it's gonna look oh so much better when the electrical plate is back on there.

..Sydney wearing some crazy big costume jewelry earrings. Not sure where these things came from. All I know is that lately, when we are all over at Mom's on Sunday afternoon, she is rockin the rocks.  Mom says she found them there at the house in a box of old junk jewelry of my Grandmom's and she keeps them in a safe place so that she can wear them when she visits. ? Go figure.

This is my Honey in one of his SMS Testing (our business) T shirts that Alex had made for him for Christmas. The slogan on the back is actually a movie quote that we both thought was perfect for a business like ours. If you want to know more, email me. It's all top secret ya know, so I can't just blurt it out right here.

The sunset. Somewhere in my little town, on some back road... somewhere...between here and there. I don't know for sure. Sorry.


This was this morning in church. Annie and Bill doing a really funny skit to advertise the upcoming Ladies Retreat for all the women of GBC. It's a really poor quality pic, but I'm including it anyway. Do I always take pics during church you ask? Not always but I have been known to try and capture a moment here and there. Maybe it will make you want to ask me about the Ladies Retreat. 

This is my church. Grace Bible Chapel. Taken as I drove into the parking lot at 7:30 am, 2 weeks ago. Is this not the most amazing sight? I love driving into this place every week. What a blessing this church is in my life, and I mean the people not the building, even tho the building is amazing for sure. Without this place, these people, this blessing, my God who dwells inside the people and the building, I would not have made it through the last 2 years of my life.

So there you have it, a glimpse into my life. Thanks Ree, for the idea!

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  1. Very cute! I love the wall color and the bling and definitely the church. All of it really. But you already knew that. Thanks again for my header, oh great techno guru.

  2. wow - the church pic is just beautiful! Love them all and thanks for visiting ;)

  3. PW has the best ideas! I love your take on it, your church looks beautiful. Would you like to win a giveaway? We have a ton of cool things for you, and by entering this contest you'll help me win a college scholarship. You can check it out here