Monday, June 27, 2011

"No Matter What"

So, the other day I mentioned that I had a video to show you of Syd and I doing our thing in church. Well, after manyyyyyy hours of slicing, dicing and converting files from mp3 to avi...or something like that, I proudly present to you...drum roll little video!

I have to say that until I watched this clip I really had no idea how wonderfully gifted my niece is, I mean we practiced a lot...but I just didn't get the full impact of her grace and poise until I watched this. Sydney learned American Sign Language by watching the interpreter in her classroom who assists a deaf student. Syd had a great desire to communicate with this child and a heart of compassion for her as well. Many of the students have learned the alphabet and can spell words but Syd has become fluent in ASL! We are proud of her and pray that God will continue to use her in the lives of many.

Kellymac, I posted this for you most of all. Miss you!


  1. Syd is amazing!!! I love this. You sound really good on this too. I can't wait until I get my disc in the mail so I can practice my song!

  2. Loved it! Thanks for the encouragement. Tell Miss Syd she was wonderful.