Friday, June 17, 2011

Phone Pic Friday

So, I haven't been here in a while. After school let out I thought I might have more time.
 Now I'm wondering how I had time to go to work?!!?

Just hours after Graduation, (Preschool Graduation, that is, I was so proud =-]),
Hubby and I took off to the beach for some R&R. R&R for us, sometimes includes golfing.
 Now, I am no least not yet. I like learning and Hubby is trying to show me the ropes.

One day there was an interesting participant on the 8th hole...

She was just passing through from one pond to the other...

This is a pic of some stickers our graphics guy made for SMS Testing. Alex sent this pic to us while we were away so we could see  how cool they were! Soon we'll have a ton of business cards, shirts hats, etc., with our new logo!

Here is my son =-] Mike at a church league game. I am showing this because the team had "PK" printed on their uniforms to honor a very special fan who went home to be with the Lord just as the season was starting. They all miss her. 

And lastly...

here they are!!!!

 The Littles!
I know you have been wondering what they've been up to! Well, school is out, summertime is here and so we've been swimming and snackin' by the pool! They finished school with good grades and honors at their little awards ceremonies. Sydney recently accompanied me when I sang in church.
Not as a singer though.
There is video and as soon as I figure out how to get it from the camera to here I'll share it!!

Happy Summer!

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  1. Where's the pool?! Great pics Jenn. Thanks for sharing. - Deb.