Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bigger Than Irene

Today we awoke, like everyone else, to the aftermath of Irene. I did not sleep a wink last night...not that I was necessarily worried, just kinda jacked up by the excitement. We watched a movie until 2am and then the weather channel and local news for another hour. Then I just lay awake listening.

I get weirdly stoked when there is bad weather. I hate tornado threats of any variety, but thunderstorms, blizzards, hurricanes...I'm cool with those. I guess I feel safe in my home and Hubby is such a thorough man that he thinks of every conceivable eventuality and prepares accordingly.
I just cook stuff (Irene called for a large pot of fresh green beans, a pork roast and corn on the cob)
and wait with anticipation for the storm to hit.
Bring on the old movies...or new matters not.

So, anyway, we jumped in the truck around 8:30 and went out to survey the area. Down the road the Amish farm looks no worse for the wear. The children have done a great job earlier this week of cutting and stacking tobacco leaves and it's all intact. There is of course a lot of debris and evidence of water having risen and receded here and there.

Then looky here...the little bridge on Chandlee Rd is blocked off! We can see that the water is not over the road and that the bridge isn't "out". Hubby wants a closer look so he gets out and moves the cones. We drive right up to the bridge and look around. Isn't this exciting?

At some point in the night the water had overtaken the bridge and washed out part of the blacktop.
Whoever is in charge of orange cones and "road closed" signs
decided the bridge might be dangerous so we didn't proceed over it.
(Found out later that my little brother DID drive over it, despite the orange warnings.)

It really was a mess, but later in the day the sign and cones disappeared and we used the bridge.

No doubt there are many Cecil Countians who have suffered some type of damage and are still without power. We never did experience an outage, thank God! My Mom is one of them. She is carrying on with the help of a generator. My Brothers made sure it was up and ready for use in case she needed it and they took care of her nicely last night. Thanks guys!! goes on. I'm counting the days until Mike and Jeannie's wedding!!

Pray for us, Y'all! We are excited but a bit nervous. This is a big deal...way bigger than Irene! Our world is going to change after Saturday. But it is a natural change and a blessing that we are ready ready as we can be! We love Jeannie and are blessed to have her in our lives.

So I guess you could say that the weather is still a-changing...Sunny days ahead...
Bring it on!

Check back next week for wedding pictures!


  1. Great post Jen, Love the pictures and look forward to seeing the wedding pics next week
    : )

  2. Glad you are all okay. So excited for you all this weekend! I know it will be a wonderful time.

  3. Love the post Aunt Jen! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend :)