Sunday, October 9, 2011

20 Things to Love About Fall

 It's October 2011. Here in the east we are enjoying cooler temps...finally. 

Today's post is simple. Just a list of  20 things I love about this season.

1. Color 2. Crunchy leaves 3. Crisp clean air.

4. Carving pumpkins 5. Clear blue skies.

6. Making a big pot of soup and watching football on Sunday 7. Shorter days
8. Lighting candles in the evening.
9. Trick-or-treaters 10. Trick-or-Treaters who share their bite sized Three Musketeers Bars

11. The smell of a pot roast in the oven...12. Sitting down to eat it with family.

13. Walking in the woods 14. Bonfires 15. S'mores 16. Apple cider 17. Apple cider (I meant to do that)
17. Jack-O-Lanterns on doorsteps 18. Warm glowy light through windows 19. Warm hoodies

20. The truth of God's provision, protection, grace and mercy in yet another season of life.


  1. You forgot chili and wearing sweaters and caramel apples and candy corn and...=)

  2. Kelly, I can't wear sweaters in this present stage of life, just thinking about it breaks me into a sweat haha. but i do love candy corn!!!

  3. What Great pictures. I love your mom in the witch hat. Plus the picture of the bride and groom as pilgrims. You know how to capture the moments of fall.
    Love you