Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mary Did You Know

Have you ever tried to put yourself in the position of Mary, Jesus' mother? The mother of God. The most Blessed woman in the world. How would you feel about being trusted to carry out such a task, bringing God into the world, raising Him, loving Him, feeding and caring for Him until He grew older.
Knowing He was not yours but belonged to the God of the universe.
How about this...He WAS the God of the universe.
There has always been controversy around this. Did Mary realize that Jesus was God? Did she ever have to correct Him, scold Him...swat His bottom? Was He, being God, a perfect child? The scripture tells us that He was fully God and fully man so He must have had some human moments. I'm sure that Mary was a patient and caring Mother and that she cherished her time with Jesus, knowing He was to grow into a life of some type of renown. I'm not sure she understood what that would mean. I wonder if God spared her the intimate knowledge of the pain she would endure as the mother of the Lamb who would be slain... by the very ones He came to save.

I realize that I have asked a lot of questions here and offered no answers. The Bible doesn't exactly paint a detailed picture of Jesus' childhood. But we can know that Mary wasn't left alone to nurture and raise Jesus...she had a relationship with His Father that sustained her and comforted her and walked with her... even to the foot of the cross... of her crucified son.

Jesus' birth was an amazing event. God came down, born of a virgin, and lived here among us.
Knowing all along, what it would cost Him.

We wonder..."Mary did you know?"

But we can be sure...that Jesus knew.


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