Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monster in Law?

OK y'all, it's 2012 and here I am living in the same house, on the same road, in the same town...looks like it's business as usual in the new year. But I've got to say, a few things have changed around here. First of all I am now a "mother-in-law". Weird. And I'm the kind of "mother-in-law" that lives in the back yard. Scary.

You've seen that show, "Everybody Loves Raymond", where the mother character is such a horrible, nosey, intrusive, bossy, rude and condescending person. The Mother-in-Law everybody loves to hate!

 How about this one...Jane Fonda as the Monster-in-Law:

Oh my goodness, I love that movie! OK, that is an extreme example...but really, I can think of a lot of reasons why a young woman would not want to be neighbors with the in-laws.

But here we next door to both sets of Newlyweds. Literally. in. the. backyard. Literally.

Heaven help us.

If you know me, you know that in my heart of hearts I AM MOTHER. That's who I AM inside and out. I always felt I was good at the mother thing. I loved being Mom, still do and I have a great relationship with both of my sons. But I never had daughters. Now I have 2!!! Joy of joys! I have 2!!

Like all women, I am many things to many people...wife, daughter, friend, aunt, teacher and I love wearing every one of those hats. Now I find I'm sporting this new hat...and I wonder if I'm wearing it well. How will I know? Who is gonna tell me if I'm horrible at it? It's still early, maybe too soon to tell, but I pray that I am doing things right.

Boy, that Jane Fonda sure looks good for an old Monster-in-Law.


  1. For years my mother in law was our neighbor. It was truly a blessing. I love watching Everybody Loves Raymond. I just couldn't imagine having a mother in law like that.(She always made me appreciate my mother in law even more. I am sure that no matter how close or far you live to your Kids, you are a great Mother in law. : )

  2. I know what you mean, I have a wondeful Mother in law and hope i am just like her!! Thanks Faith

  3. I have no doubts that you will be a great mother-in-law, though I agree that it is a new role and can be tricky. When do you speak and when do you keep your mouth shut? (I think the latter should be the rule and the former the exception.) But, it's fun and gets even more fun when you add the grandmother title. Of course, what daughter-in-law is going to argue with a mother-in-law who loves to babysit?

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