Thursday, January 3, 2013

Highlights of 2012...OR "The Year in Pictures"

For me the best way to look back and remember the year is to scroll through my picture files. In 2012, I snapped literally hundreds of pictures. There are way too many pictures!! But each one represents a moment in time that I wanted to remember, and I wanted to remember them all! So really, I could never take too many pictures. Even the "bad" ones mean something to me. I have a hard time deleting bad shots because it makes me sad that I failed to capture that moment..yes, I'm silly, I know!!

As I looked at the past year in pictures I was grateful to God for all He has blessed me with! So many blessings in my life! God is good! So let me share with you just a few highlights from 2012, and believe me, these pics are just a small sampling of the hundreds of moments captured by my camera. Here we go!

January...Fusion Worship!!! Nothing blesses my heart more than being led to the Throne by my own kids!! And yes, I consider ALL of them MINE!

April...Mike's Auction.  We had a great few days of honoring Jim's brother with the sale of  his equipment and work vehicles. I have never experienced anything like this before. The family came together in a bitter sweet tribute to a life well-lived. We miss you Mike.
May...Field Day at Calvert. Love this event every year! 

June...Spending time with a new addition to the Murray family, Ethan James (named after Jim).

Also in June...the 4th Annual Tollman Classic. Already can't wait till this year! 
What a blessing, we raised over $20,000! Notice the first picture here; John made a sign that shows he and Peter are named after Dad. JOHN (A. Murray)
           (Peter) EDWARD KRUMMEL. I loved that!

August...Myrtle Beach Trip!

October...Fall fun, bonfires, trick or treating... bumps. Yay!!!!

December...Christmas. Family. Love.

The Grace Bible Chapel Children's Christmas Play is always a highlight of the Christmas season!
This year the Littles dazzled me with their talents, abilities and heart!!

And of course the Fusion Christmas Concert was amazing! Over 300 people came to be blessed.

The Littles came over one day after school and we crafted for hours!
They made a lot of gifts for teachers, Mom and Dad. They only stopped to eat...a pile of Mac and Cheese.

Christmas Eve dinner at our house...
notice the lovely white rose arrangement made by Kim. Beautiful, almost as beautiful as Kim herself.
 ...some of my favorite "gifts" include, a lovely daughter-in-law who will bring into the world or first grand baby, a red-neck wine glass..tee hee...a gift I gave to my favorite ginger-bearded son, my new Pioneer Woman Cook book from Jay and Alex!! Yay! And lastly, the girls lounging on my bed watching a movie, braiding hair and snapping Instagram shots of each other on Christmas eve. There are no words to express the joy :)

There you have it, a virtual scrapbook of sorts. Some highlights that are missing...two beautiful weddings we were blessed to attend and Jeannie's baby shower...I didn't take any pics that day!! But if you want to see some please Click here and read Jeannie's blog and see the pics from her special day.

Happy 2013 to you all. May God richly bless you in the new year!!


  1. love all the pics...what a busy year! can't wait for 2013!

  2. Thanks for sharing Jenn! (Deb)