Friday, January 18, 2013

Photography Practice

I'm not too sure how it happened but another Mom has trusted me to take pictures of her newborn. Here is Molly Grace. She is sweet and soft and new. Babies change so quickly and that is why it's nice to capture the newborn only lasts for an instant. I have seen so many beautifully done photos of newborns. It is amazing what some talented photographers are able to do. I'm learning that it takes more than a good camera and a baby to get the best shots. You must have A LOT of tricks in your bag to shoot a 12 day old. It takes paraphernalia like warmers, bean bags, furry mats, baby headband and props, an 80 degree room and Mommy's milk...a lot of mommy's milk. THEN, after all of that, the last thing needed is Photoshop. 

Little Molly was a sweetie. We got great shots of her with nothing but Mommy's milk...

...well we did have her initial made by Daddy. And she had a lot of fancy headbands, too!

This is my favorite. And okay, I did use Photoshop just to bring out the "newborn blue" of her eyes. 
She is so beautiful! 

Now meet Mycah and Maddie, Molly's big sisters. Talk about cute!!

Can you stand it? 

It's hard to take I know...I'm practically in tears over here!

Thanks Wilkinson family, for letting me play dress up with your baby dolls and take their pictures. You guys are really special to me! I hope you love the results!!

New life. What a miracle. Thank you God, for family!!

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