Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fresh Start

The decorations are gone, the tree is packed up, the lights are unplugged.

Another year is over and for a few weeks it's easy to feel a bit melancholy. 

Looking back and longing for what was...maybe clinging to the old just a tiny bit.

Maybe fearing the unknown days that lie ahead.

I'm getting ready to come out of that fog though. I can feel an excitement.

An interest in a new year. 

I want to be done with the old.

I want to move on from all that holds me down, realizing that sometimes what holds me down is ME.

I want this to be the year that I recognize my own potential. It's time to pull back the curtain of negativity and stop feeling doubtful about who I am and what I'm accomplishing in this world.

The possibilities are endless. The future is bright and the time to begin is now. 

Bring it on 2014!

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