Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Grand-Baby Photo Up-date

The babies are growing! Peyton will be 1 on October 11 and Brooke is 19 months old this week! 
Here is a photo update. We are still enjoying wagon rides, swinging, playing bubbles, babies, dress-up, picking flowers and eating cookies and cake, (Mimi always has cookies!)
Brooke's talking like crazy, even says, "I love you", and "Bless you, Mimi", when I sneeze. 
VERY verbal and a serious thinker. Her current favorite thing is the swing. 
Peyton is walking...running really, and can kick a ball. She is so coordinated...we think she will be a great athlete. She loves books and will turn pages forever. She is always smiling!

Time is going by so fast! 

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