Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Olson Family

Today I bring you one of my dearest friends and her lovely family! Eric and Kathye Olson are blessed with four amazing daughters, two very special sons-in-law and one equally amazing Grand-daughter! In this session we rounded up the whole crowd, including Eric's Mother. This family really knows how to do a photo session. Kathye cooked a great meal and invited everyone to come and eat...after they smiled for the camera, of course. :) What a blessing this family has been in my life over the years and if you know them, you can surely say the same. It was an honor to be with them on this day and to document the love and devotion that they share. 


  1. Wonderful family, perfect Autumn Day, joy in God's Blessings on Glory lane. Annie S.

  2. In all of my years as a teacher in several Arizona schools and three Cecil County schools Cathye Olson will be the office manager I remember most. She always had time to in her busy day to solve my problems with a smile.. I owe her for the many favors she so generously did for me at North East Middle that made my job so much easier. When you see her, tell her hello and thanks from me.
    Uncle Jim Huber