Saturday, January 17, 2015

Forgotten and Abused

A 1940's dairy farm in southern Cecil County, now stands abandoned and decaying along a little traveled county road. In it's day it must have been lovely, boasting a beautiful roof line, sliding doors and many windows. The original property included 397 acres mixed with wooded areas, open fields and sloped land graced by sandy-banked streams.  
This was a working dairy farm prior to the mid 1940's when a large corporation acquired ownership of the property and began using portions of the property for the disposal of waste explosive materials and munitions. From 1948 -2008 the property was again privately owned and reverted to a working farm with the fields being planted again. In the 1950's a small parcel was leased to a the Thiokol Corporation for testing and recovering rocket motors. 12 years later, an explosion at the testing facility led to it's abandonment. 
In subsequent years, hazardous waste was legally stored in the barn and a chicken coop. In 1992 the EPA ordered the removal of hazardous waste along with several tons of contaminated soil. 

Fast forward to 2015 and this property is still ground water use is permitted and there is still elevated levels of contamination in the soil. 
Conclusion...I think I might have to throw away the shoes I had on today. How sad that this once majestic property and buildings are now ruined. Evidence of looters, drug users and hobos lay inside these walls and gave me a creepy feeling. It was sad. Loved seeing a few small evidences of the original use of the dairy barn. See for yourself.

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  1. So glad you found the abandoned space you were looking for, great pictures!