Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Behind the Scenes Peek from a Styled Session with Emilee

I have to say that next to newborns, photographing high school senior girls is my favorite type of session! Oh my goodness it's so fun! Especially when they get the full treatment of hair and make-up with Amy (my niece and Jennalane stylist). There is just so much to love about the entire process, from the moment the concept enters my mind to the finished images. So many details come into play. Color, complexion, wardrobe, jewelry, hairstyle, and that's all before the camera comes out!
Amy and I work well together, collaborating on all the details. We have so much fun with the creative process of deciding how much "glam" we need for the personality of the girl and to fit the concept of the session. Amy is very talented and she loves talking to the girls while she's working her magic. It makes her happy to know she is helping them feel confident and making them look so amazing for their pictures. I personally enjoy watching Amy do what she does. 
It's an art form, really. We make a great team! 

Basically I love neutrals and then a pop of color somewhere. But the background has to be considered too. If you have an all green background, like a field of grass, then you need a contrasting color...something to make your subject stand out.  In Emilee's case, I wanted to use an area around the pond at her home that had creamy browns and golden light as a backdrop for her session. the dress she had chosen was beige so turquoise was the perfect "pop"color! Emilee's Mom wanted some shots around a cherry tree in the yard as well, and boy, Emilee really rocked the pink! 

When all of the prep work is finished, the transformation can be surprising! The natural beauty of these young ladies is enhanced and you can just tell they feel so confident and ready for their moment in front of the camera!

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