Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We Still Do

Okay, I am so excited about sharing this session!! Yippee!! Stephen and Amy McDowell wanted to have some anniversary pictures done...10 years is a milestone! This is the kind of session that I enjoy most because it allows my creative juices to flow! So many weeks of thinking and planning went into this. I love the process from talking to the client about her ideas to thinking about the details and visualizing everything, and then pulling all of that together. 
My niece was on hand as a professional and a friend, which is probably why we had so much fun laughing and curling and spraying and primping and dressing! 

Before the anniversary session began, I took some boudoir style shots of Amy, a gift for Stephen :) All of those turned out so gorgeous! 
Amy allowed me to share a few :)

After the boudoir session we ran off to a few secret spots to set the stage for these romantic and beautiful keepsake images. 

Happy Anniversary...here's to many, many more.

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