Monday, December 27, 2010


Christmas morning was different this year. The boys have both moved out so we were alone in the wee hours. We went out for a cup of Wawa... and then returned to brace ourselves for the impending wave of...Glitter! Yes, I know, I was a sucker for the sparkle and I bought 6 rolls of the same blue sparkly, shiny, twinkly paper (in 3 coordinating patterns). Usually I love to get out all the presents, turn on "It's A Wonderful Life", and wrap, wrap, wrap. Not this year. That paper had me so mad! By about the tenth gift there was such a layer of shimmer on the living was ridiculous. And you should have seen me...I looked like I had survived a head on collision with Tinkerbell. I had to vacuum twice. One thing is true, the gifts looked amazing under the tree.

This was my only consolation. Because on Christmas morning, as my poor sons and husband endured the massive tidal wave of pixie dust, I felt horrible! I gave them each a trash bag and they opened directly into the bag. Still, I had to vacuum twice! Again!
Lesson learned this year: Sparkle is overrated. Get over it and wrap the gifts in normal paper for pitty sake. Oh, and I learned that my men are amazing...they did not complain even once. They just washed thier hands and went on with the day.

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