Saturday, January 29, 2011

The White Stuff

Well so far the theme of the new year seems to be snow...I mean there has been snow on the ground everyday for this entire month. I'm not really upset about it, why would we care?

 Considering the fact that my hubby gets up in the morning and walks down the lane to work...

or crosses the hallway to his office. Snow doesn't keep us from going and doing.

And besides, I like snow...and this year I feel like snow has had a cleansing effect on life. In the dead of winter and in the face of the cold realities that can drag me down, a fresh blanket of snow is ok with me.

When it snows the Littles like to come over and sled down my lane. Our house sits on a hill, so they always come over all charged up and ready to go.

This time we sprayed some Pam on the bottom of thier discs...

Just for some added "speed".

Speaking of speed, why is the little one pushing the big one in the above picture?

We tried to start the four-wheeler so my brother could pull them behind it.

Now that would have been some speed! We're gonna try it next time it snows,

which will probably be next week the way things are going here in Northeastern MD.

And that's ok with me. Bring it on...we'll play in it and enjoy the snow while it lasts...

                but believe me, I'll be glad when the days grow longer and warmer...

                              until finally it gets warm enough for me to wear my flip flops and go to the beach. that's what I'm talkin about...

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