Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something Good...

This Tuesday will be 3 weeks since my husbands brother's hard to believe. Whenever tragedies happen people always say, "You have to look for something good to come from this." So true, but sometimes you just need time to accept the reality that the peace and reletive normalness of everyday life has been interupted by something so NOT sad.

We have been recounting all the ways God showed himself that night and in the days since. He was right there...facing off with the evil that seemed to be in control. God was there and He is the victor...but it's still hard.

So we keep living, keep praising the One, and we offer our Gratitude for all the things we are learning, for how He draws us to Himself through pain and loss, for His great love for us that allows for our questions and fears. And we count the ways He brought us joy in the midst of great pain. Here is an example.

Nieces and nephews going around the house collecting flowers and making bouquets from the arrangements from the Memorial Service. Sweet children..bringing joy. Uncle Mike is smiling.

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