Friday, April 1, 2011


 There is a word being bounced around in the blogosphere these days that I find interesting. It refers to those beloved visiters of your blog (you are all beloved) who arrive, read, look around at the links and the pictures and anything else you may have offered up to the cyber world, and then just leave. No comment, no way of knowing they were there, accept for the imprint they leave in your stats.

 So many of you are already in my life, meaning I see you at church or work or other places, and you tell me you love reading my blog. Some of you have left me encouraging emails, so I don't consider you guys "lurkers".
Others of you really are silent. I know you've been stopping by. I don't know your names but you come, invisible and quiet, and I respect that desire for you to remain annonymous, but I feel I am missing out! Why not speak up? After all, I have put a part of me out here for you to is safe to assume that people who do such things are not afraid of criticism. And after all, why do bloggers blog? To enter into another social setting and to communicate. And I suppose some of us are under the impression that we have something to say that someone might want to hear.

I think I started blogging because I needed an outlet, I needed a type of journaling and I think that there is something theraputic about blogging, at least for me. I feel I am "connecting" to you all. It feels like a friendly little neighborhood and I really enjoy reading other bloggers and commenting and making on line friends. There are some very special people in this community.
So I want to encourage my "lurkers" that I really care what you think and I would love for you to get brave enough to enter the conversation.. Tell me what you think or what you like by clicking the "comment" button and typing your response. Let's get to know eachother. Go ahead, "delurk". You won't be sorry!

I want to thank my guys rock. I can feel the love and it makes me want to keep writing and sharing. It really matters that you're here.

ps. As you can see, the pictures here have nothing to do with the topic...I just felt like blessing you with a little green grass, sunshine and a reminder that it really will get warm soon!


  1. AMEN sista... !!!!! I agree wholeheartedly... kinda feels pointless if you think no one is getting anything..good or bad outta what you say... :) luv ya!!!

  2. Hi Jenn! I do enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad you email me when you have new postings. Thanks for including me in your little blog world :o) I enjoy your thoughts. --Deb.

  3. hello ladies! thanks for commenting...Deb, you are getting quite savvy with the computer here! i'm proud! Love you guys!

  4. I do leave comments...does that mean I rock? Maybe I need to repost this on my blog. I got me a passle of lurkers. =)

  5. Hi Jennifer, I came across your Blog Through Anita's Blog. (funny how it happen to be with this Post). My family and I also go to Grace.. Your Blog is great. I am now following. Hope to get to say hi the next time I see you in church.

    : )

  6. i love you, mom. :) and i love reading your blog. my favorite post so far is the one about what you wish you had known... it's inspiring to me!

  7. Hi Faith! So glad to meet you. Please find me some sunday so we can meet in person! ya Sweetie! and yes, you can believe all that I wrote about myself in "I Wish I Had Known". Theres a lot I didn;t tell. I was a brat. Good thing God can change the heart!

    Kelly, please feel free to repost! I think there a lot of bloggers writing abou this and there are similar posts out there. You certainly do ROCK...just because you're you and I am glad you're my real life friend...come to Maryland!!

  8. I would love to copy this and post it all over my blog!! LOL! I love it! Thanks for posting what many of us would like our "lurkers" to read. =) Love reading your stuff, girl. Keep it up!

    BTW, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelet. Vaden was spinning it around my wrist earlier, chanting, "Pretty brace-wet...pretty brace-wet". Too cute.

  9. Oooo I do! :D
    Obviously not often, because It's now May, and I just saw this on my feed... but your blog is great and I love all your pics! :)
    Actually I don't even know if you remember me, but I used to watch you and Kim leading worship years ago at GBC, wishing I could, and now, that's part of my job! So when I saw your blog - through another blog - I began lurking!
    *lengthy confession over* ;)