Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Birthdays..here's how we roll...

Party rules. Ready?

Here we go...

1. Always know that YOU are the life of the party. It's your day, so laugh at yourself. If you don't...we will.

2. Siblings WILL receive gifts. They will be a mere crumb compared to what you receive. Let them have their trinkets and stop your whining.

3. If there happens to be a major sporting event (or a minor sporting event) on the day of your family birthday party, it will not be pre-empted for the opening of your gifts...

...you will simply read the cards a bit louder and hope that no one upstages you with a Hole-in-one.

 4. During the lighting of your cake candles your "musical" family will sing to you.
They will do the best they can to sing so badly that when it is over you'll wish they had belched the entire song. (The truth is, the quality of the singing can be directly related to how much they love you...the more unbearable the tone, the more they adore you).

5. You will blow out those candles knowing you'll be getting the first piece of cake, the cake baked by Gran, exactly the way you ordered it.

6. When Aunt Jenn gives you a pink Sock Monkey, you will melt into a puddle of Sock Monkey Love...what ever that is.

                                            Happy 9th Birthday Sydney Lane. I Love You!


  1. My birthday's in September. Do the rules apply to friends?

  2. kellymac, come on up here to MD and we'll treat you like family!

  3. PS... I finally figured out this button thing. So i posted yours on my blog! :)