Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Halyomorpha halys

Do you have these in your house?

I sweep up a pile like this every day and I am getting sick and tired of it. They have invaded my house with thier buzzing, crawling and of course, their smell. Trouble is, I'm not sure there is an end in sight. I've done a little research and the news is not good.

Profile of a Pest:

Name: Brown marmorated stink bug, or Halyomorpha halys

Native origin: China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan

Arrived in U.S.: Scientists believe it first appeared in Allentown, Pa., in the mid-90s, and has gradually spread to 32 states and the District of Columbia.

Feeds on: Just about anything that grows. U.S. researchers have identified stink bug damage on everything from fruit orchards to nursery stock, field crops to backyard tomato plants. The bug injects yeast into the food it’s eating, this leaves brown, mealy pits that render the produce practically worthless.

Reproduction: This variety of stink bugs reach maturity in 50 days,
so in the warmer states they're capable of hatching 6 generations per year, ugh!

Weaknesses: The insects don't seem to have many. They are able to survive the winter, either by making their way indoors (have mercy) or finding shelter outdoors. Pesticides that kill them are the really potent variety that also kill the beneficial bugs. I have an exterminator friend who says he can kill them but the poison has to actually touch each individual bug. Seriously?

Enemies: In their native Asia, they have natural predators that keep their populations under control. Here in the good ol' US we just can't figure out how to stop them. Currently scientists from more than 50 research groups in 10 states with 14 different institutions are working together to find a solution to rid us of this creepy crawly.

Prognosis: There's some bad news and some badder news. It's gonna get worse.  Experts say that the numbers will double by this coming fall. Goodness!

My way of dealing with them the bottom of my shoe...up close.

                                          This is how I like them...DEAD.

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  1. ew. ew. ew. seriously. mike's trashcan in the kitchen reeks of stink bugs...because that's where they all died last night when I smashed them in put them in there :) i hate them. we literally have not sat in the fireplace room for a month because they are all in there.