Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peace in the War

Calling Levi, a local singing group has recorded a song and video to raise awareness for Post Traumatic Stress, a disorder that strikes our service personnel and can be debilitating and deadly as they try to process all that they have experienced on the field of battle.  This is a real issue for the service men and women who sacrifice their safety and sometimes their very lives so that we might enjoy the freedom to carry on here in the USA.

As we go forward with life, going to little league games, shopping, celebrating birthdays, graduations and other blessings, may we never forget that freedom is not free.


Thank you is not enough...
but I'll say it anyway...
Thank You to all those who fight for us, and thank you for their families.
God Bless the USA

ps...Calling Levi is amazing..."like" them on Facebook...buy their CD's and get blessed.
Trust me, I know about this stuff...


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  1. Your so right, freedom isn't free...it never was. Men have given their lives for decades and Christ gave His life for our Eternal Freedom from sin. Halleluia!! Great video, will get mine asap.