Saturday, February 25, 2012


What comes to mind when you think of Heaven? As Christians we know it will be beyond our imagination, beautiful beyond belief, more than we can imagine. We picture streets of gold and pearly gates. People say that it will be all the things that we love all rolled into one. There will be sights, sounds smells and sensations that cannot be described with our limited language. 

 There will be colors like none we have ever seen, 
even with all the marvels God has placed on His earthly creation.

courtesy Staci Moore

 Heaven is a place where we will be together with those we love who have gone ahead of us.
 A place where we will be perfect, healthy, happy, fulfilled.
A place of rest and comfort.

Heaven is a place. A real place. It is impossible to imagine because Heaven is where God lives and where God lives there can be no sin, no darkness. 
Only God's glory and righteousness are needed to light the world of Heaven.

My imagination might be inadequate, but my memories of my Father are sharp. 
Heaven to me is the deep sound of his laughter and singing voice. And a million other things about his presence that I miss. 

This song says it best: "Heaven is a Place" by Stephen Curtis Chapman


  1. great thoughts...beautiful pics!


  2. heaven is definitely beyond my imaginations... it will be better than we even think.