Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Precious Littles

The Littles

They are not so little anymore. Still they are young, sweet, innocent,

and very precious. 

What is more wonderful than being little? 
 Carefree days, giggles, playing at nothing, saying whatever is on your mind, 
 turning cartwheels until your dizzy, chasing a butterfly, 

playing with puppies, climbing trees.  

I love my Littles. Even though they are growing up, I pray for special times together to continue. I am always telling them to stop growing up so fast. They tell me they will always be my Littles even when I have grand-babies. I love that! 

Someday the little girl things we do will change to big girl things. 
But I hope we will still be close and will still enjoy time spent together.

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