Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Breah

Meet Baby Breah!

This little lovey came to me through her Gran, who wanted to have some special 
pictures taken of her newest Grandbaby.

On picture day she was just shy of her 4 week birthday, and she was so sweet!!
This little lady was so patient while I posed her and dressed her and undressed her. 
She even let me take her outside.

Isn't she adorable?? Now I know she looks skeptical here, but she did great!

The shot below looks as if I had her in the direct sunlight, but the pic was just a bit overexposed.
I like how it turned out anyhow. There are no rules about photography, right? Ha!
 Baby Breah's Mommy and Gran were so proud to show her off, and you can clearly see why. She is a beautiful gift from God and I was blessed to meet and photograph her. I am excited about plans to meet her older sister and cousins for a fun photo shoot in the coming weeks!

See you soon, beautiful little Breah.

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