Friday, June 14, 2013

My Latest Upload.

In the last couple of weeks I have taken and uploaded probably 300 pictures.
Practice makes perfect.
Here are some of my favorites.

My roses have decided to burst forth with awesomeness! 
I do not know what I did differently...?
My Mom (the expert ) says maybe they just finally found thier mojo. 

I cried when one of my Littles graduated from 5th grade.
Well, okay I would have been fine, but she was a mess and I can't stand to see her cry...

And, by golly is my Mom gorgeous? 
Here's hoping my 73 year old self will  be half as classy and  hip.

Poor Sydney...she's gonna miss her teachers 
and her room,
 and her desk, 
and her cafeteria,
and her principal, 
and some of her friends... 
It's the end of an era, and she feels every bit of the angst.

Of course finding Taylor Swift concert tickets in her bouquet 
can make a girl forget to cry! 

Proud of you Syd the Kid.
What a special young lady, your future is bright.
I couldn't love you more.

Here  are a few of my favorites of  Brooke from the last 2 weeks.
A dress I plucked from her closet just for fun.

Then there was that amazing moment when the dress came off!!
"Yay, I love my diaper!"

Then Mimi got a new lens and she just HAD to try it out.

A more cooperative model there never was...
I had been wanting to get her into the rocker that was her Daddy's when he was a baby.

Somehow the rocker isn't the focal point here, though.

Just. look. at. those. eyes.
I die.
Mimi and Pop are in some serious trouble. 

And to think there is another one coming.
Have mercy.
Beyond blessed.

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