Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lovely SaraRose

This is our niece SaraRose. 
She is as unique and lovely as her name. 
Never call her Sara, never call her Rose. 
Only a very few get away with calling her "Rosie". 

SaraRose is 18. She graduated from High School in Wisconsin this past spring and then came here to Maryland for a 3 week visit.

She loves family, friends, music, horses and has a heart of gold. 

She is not particularly shy, but was not exactly in her element during this informal photo shoot. SaraRose is 
one of those rare beautiful young ladies who is totally unaware of her beauty.

She is like a warm ray of sun on you face after a week of rain.

Like a cool breeze after a sweltering heat wave. 

Her innocence and poise is as striking as her face.

Lovely SaraRose. 
She is a rare and beautiful bloom.
And we are blessed to have her in our family.
Love her dearly. 

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