Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where There is Love There is Life

This is a post that includes the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen/taken. 

You recognize Alex, Jay, Mike, Jeannie, and Brooke. But that gorgeous family in the middle...well those are some special friends. Kelly is Alex's cousin. She and her hubby Matt and their baby Lexi are quite an incredible package. I have come to love them dearly, for the tenderness, care and respect I see between them, and the love I see in their eyes for Lexi. They melt my heart! 

When you look at these images I hope you can see what I see.
The awe and anticipation of soon-to-be parents for their unborn child.
 Mommy and Daddy's joy when they look at that still new little girl.
A young husband's pride in his wife...the mother of his first born.
A mommy's selfless heart for her baby daughter.

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