Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jennalane Photography

Things have been busy around here. Baby sitting Brooke a few days a week and doing  a few photo shoots a week has kept me hoppin'. I love it all though! I thought I would choose a few of my favorite images from the past few weeks and share them with you. 

Let's start things off with the cutest baby ever...

Brooke is sitting up by herself now...

                                                                                                     [phone pic]
                                                                                                                                        [phone pic]

and gee is she something else!

Here she is in an antique doll carriage that belonged to my Great Aunt when she was a child. 
It's at least 100 years old.
It was just chillin' in my Mom's basement. Brooke gave it new life.

As you can see, the baby was ready for her little nappy. 
She is such a good baby.
Now on to other beautiful people.

Here are my "Littles"...

Not so little anymore, but always my "Littles".

Ally is growing up and really "rocked it" for me the day we went out to take her picture.
She is growing up..ugh. Just started the fourth grade.

Syd has a new "love". This is Angel.

I love her silly side!
She worked all summer at Whoah Nelly Farms and is learning to ride.
She just started middle school and is doing well with the adjustment...better then we are actually!

Next up is Miss Susan. She is entering her senior year of high school and asked me to take  her portraits.

As you can she is also a musician. 

We had such an amazing time that night. The sun was behind the clouds all evening. But just as it was about to set, God parted the clouds and gave us an amazing show. Susan's Mom was just so cool! There was a couple sitting up on the hill watching the sunset but what they actual watched was me running around, standing on things, laying on the pier, changing batteries and whopping over the sunset...just generally having a ball and unfortunately disturbing the peace! They asked me to take their picture and asked Susan to play for them. We stood and listened to her play "Amazing Grace" as the last sun rays dipped into the river.
 It was a special night.  

Here are Jackson and Elisabeth.

Considering myself blessed to know these two. Talented, smart, fun. Polite, handsome, adorable and kind.
Goodness, what a duo.
Brother and Sister duos have a special place in my heart.

Lastly, I am happy to share a picture of Alex and me. We had her baby shower today! Only a few more weeks until we meet Peyton June. So many friends and family celebrated with us today. Peyton is already loved and we just can't wait to squeeze her!

Hope you all have enjoyed your summer and thanks for checking in!

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  1. better be careful saying brooke is the cutest baby ever - peyton may get upset! :)