Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alyssa and Jasper

Well, brace yourself for another huge dose of loveliness! Yep, that's right friends, aren't you glad I have so many nieces for you to look at? Tee hee, you're gonna love this one!

Meet Alyssa. She is a senior at Rising Sun High. She loves dance, cheer-leading and her friends.
Oh, and her little dog Jasper. :) 

Alyssa has a gorgeous smile, an amazing sense of humor and 
 the biggest, darkest eyes I have ever seen! 
When she was a baby she had the biggest eyes and she still does. 
And oh man, that hair color! You can't get that at the salon, ladies. 

This girl LOVES animals and is so good with them. She and  Jasper are best buddies.

Alyssa is currently applying to colleges and is interested in forensics. Believe me, she can do whatever she puts her mind to. It will be exciting to see where God 
leads her as she seeks Him and places her future in His hands.

This one is her favorite...striking a pose! 

I love how the setting sunlight reflects the red tints in Alyssa's hair in this shot. That was so cool!

Love this girl! And I hope you enjoyed your dose of beauty. 
No need to thank me...but you're welcome. 

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