Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Mimi's little baby girls are growing and changing. I thought you might like an update!
 Here's Peyton June. She will be four months old on February 11th.
She is a doll baby and so like her Daddy when he was a baby. 
Sometimes when I'm holding her I feel like am looking back in time.
 She has the cutest personality already. She makes some adorable faces and she has the prettiest cry. I love to hear her little squeals and squawks too. 
 Here she is sitting in her Daddy's chair

Brooke is growing too. She will be "1" on February 13th and she has been walking for at least 6 weeks. She says a few words that are recognizable to us, but she "talks" constantly. 

This girl literally never stops moving!

So blessed with these beautiful babies! 
They are the light of our days. 

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