Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mimi's World

Walk in my front door on any given day and you might be taking your life into your hands. 
If the babies are there it's like trying to maneuver a toy mine field. 
How can 2 infants under the age of 13 months destroy a room in record time? 
Not that I mind, goodness knows I have made available a veritable Mimi's Toys R Us. 

"Playtime makes me sleepy"

"Squeallllll! I think it's the Easter Bunny!"

"Mimi, this call is rather you mind?"

Today, Sharon Hokuf gave me a special gift for the girls. A handmade apron for each of them to wear when they "help" Mimi in the kitchen. I couldn't resist putting them in the aprons today for a little pretend "baking". SOOO CUTE! Thanks Sharon. You have blessed us!!

How adorable is this baby in her apron? **sigh**

"I think I can get these in my pocket! Sweet!"

Brooke is always found sitting INSIDE the thing, whatever it is. She just can't help it. 
I wish I had a picture of every single receptacle she has backed up and sat down in. 
She is fascinated with her ability to fit into various items,
my antique bowl is no different... 

"Mimi, where is the brownie batter? An empty bowl? Really?"
Soon enough we'll be baking together and licking the spoon. :)

Thanks for visiting Mimi's World today. :) 


  1. Now that you have those adorable apron shots, you need to have an officially Cooking with Mimi Day with the girls each year. Photograph them side by side in their aprons as they grow. Make a new recipe each year and put the recipe, along with that year's picture, in a book that you give them when they are grown. It would be a treasured keepsake!

    Love ya,

  2. They are so cute and sweet. You sure can see their dads in their little faces! :-) Enjoy them! Joanne