Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Here's a little something to "kick" off your spring fever! Kami and her "1" Year Shoot will make you smile! She was a perfect model and was so ready for anything I had to dish out! She got in there with those big horses like the champ that she is. Of course you wouldn't expect anything less from the grand-daughter of a Horse-Whisperer like her Granny, Beth. At one point, one of the horses bent right down and nuzzled her little neck with it's big nose! Of course I DIDN'T GET THAT SHOT, because I was too busy running over and "protecting" Kami. Silly me, Kami was fine, and never cried or made a peep! She seemed right at home at Whoa Nellie Farm. The result is a passel of perfect pics!  

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  1. These are great. Every photo session you do, you just get better and better. Hope someday I'll be able make it up there for a turn with my family. Love the horses. That is such a perfect shot for that family.