Thursday, May 8, 2014


After a reschedule due to a rain forecast, I finally got to do a "styled" shoot with two of my nieces. I love the whole process of a styled shoot...the creative concept, thinking about colors and clothes, the scouting for location, and even the butterflies just before I start! The model was Alyssa Murray. The artist with hair and make-up, Amy Krummel. And yes of course the artist with the camera, ME! Here I'll share with you the results. Because there was the threat of rain again yesterday, we had to shoot at 3pm instead of at "the golden hour", just before sunset, when the sun is low in the sky and glowy. Cloudy is good when you want rich color so this session was "golden" even without the sunset. Thanks girls for an amazing time!

Handy to have your stylist on-site! A quick little twist and we've got a different look...
(next time Amy will be the model!! eeek!!)

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  1. Y'all did great! You make a great team. I especially love the one where she's making the wish.