Sunday, March 8, 2015

Oh Boy!!

Whoa!! These guys are a bouncing, boisterous, bundle of beautiful boy-ness! 
You can't help but love the energy that bubbles over when you have a room full of little men.
Wyatt, Levi and Bryce McDowell came to see me in my studio and in the 20 minutes that we were together they gave me some great smiles. I'm not gonna lie...there were also a few tears...because goodness knows, there is always ONE guy that hates to have his picture taken. Well, honestly, I don't know ANY guy that likes to have his picture taken, but some can hide that fact and some cannot. 
But hey, in the end, we all survived and even had candy! 

After the big brothers left the studio, I was able to snuggle little 8-day-old Bryce, and spotlight this newest member of the McDowell Boy Club. My hat is off to Amy and Steve as they raise these guys to be godly men and my heart goes out to Amy as she pours herself into these little dudes. As the Mom of 2 boys myself, I know first-hand the blessing of boys and the challenge of being the only girl in the house. Being a Mommy of boys...It's a special calling. 


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