Friday, April 10, 2015

The Real Story

Recently I was telling my bestie some funny stories about what I go through trying to get kids to cooperate with me during photo sessions.  It's no secret that toddlers have a mind of their own. What is so amazing is how much control they can wield even in the presence of an adult who considers herself an expert in the field (tee hee).  
My friend said how funny it would be if I shared some of the out-takes. are some funny pics that I gathered for your enjoyment. This is a small example from my thousands of files. What you'll see is the craziness that leads up to that adorable shot that I share on Facebook. It might look easy...I hope it does...but believe me, I earn my pay.

Sometimes I have toys on hand and promise the Littles some fun stuff if they can cooperate.

Siblings are always's a love/hate thing.








That moment when Dad realizes his baby girl has soiled his clean white tee. 








There ya go. I told you they make me work. 


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