Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Friend, Peyton

My little Granddaughter, Peyton June is 2! She had her birthday in October, so we had fun taking pictures in the woods and playing in the leaves. This girl is a happy little soul, so getting her to smile for Mimi was a breeze! We just played like we do every day! 

It's been so fun watching her grow and learn moment by moment. She has recently made amazing progress in her verbal skills and she just says it all! One of her favorite things to say lately is, "You're my friend, Mimi". I'm sure you know how that melts my heart. She loves to pretend to be talking on the phone, "I'll be there! Okay, bye", she says. One of her favorite things is doing puzzles. And listen, she's not messing around with any toddler puzzles with little knobs on the pieces. Peyton can do large puzzles with smaller pieces...even if there is no picture to work from. She impresses me! But her most favorite thing is throwing, kicking or bouncing a ball. We have spent countless hours "playing balls".  She instructs me..."two hands, Mimi". 

Peyton June is such a sweet little person...we are friends for sure and I hope we always will be. Her hugs and kisses and conversation are all a huge part of my life. 
I love her so much, but the cool thing is, I really like her, too

Peyton is a BIG Toy Story fan. More recently she has entered a Mickey, Minnie phase. 

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