Monday, January 25, 2016

Victoria is ONE

Back in October I was able to do a session for my friends, the Kilby's. Little Victoria was the Birthday girl and it was fun as the family gathered around her to celebrate. I know you remember her from last year, when she came to my studio for a 5 month session...she was the cutest! Remember her hair? Go refresh your memory here

This time I went to see her at her home on the Kilby farm. You'll notice the animals in some of the shots, which I love. It was a special evening. Little Victoria was wearing a dress that was hand crocheted by her Grandmother on her Daddy's side. What a precious heirloom. 

My favorite part of the session came as the sun was setting over the cutest little barn that sits unpretentiously at the back of the property. Little Victoria was just as cooperative as she had been months earlier and she sat like a pro and posed for me as the sky gave us the prettiest colors. Wow! I sure do love my job! 

Special thanks to the Kilby family for having me! I always enjoy my time with you guys!