Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Here's my friend Megan Malone. She is the sweet daughter of a close friend and it was a blessing to get to do her Senior portraits. It's always sobering to realize your friends children are growing up, graduating, going to college and then eventually getting married...just becoming adults! What a blessing, though, to watch them grow up and see all that they become. Makes me feel old, so old.  At the same time I feel so proud of these kids. And this one...she amazes me! 
A gifted artist, musician, student and just an all around special young lady. We only had about an hour together before the sunlight dropped, but she gave me her best. I think she does that a lot, gives her best. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes. 


  1. Jen - Megan was so moved by this...Our picture experience with you was a joy! You are such a gifted photographer knowing how to capture each subjects cuteness, or beauty, or happiness. Or the joy of a young woman on her way to what the Lord has next for her...Celebrating life...Thank you Jen...amazing experience and amazing pictures.


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