Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Catching Up...

In an effort to move forward at a reasonable pace, and not leave any of my beautiful families by the blog wayside, I am about to SUPER BLOG. One blog entry, 7 super family sessions! After that, I will be caught up through 2015!! 
At least with family sessions, that is. 

Here we go!

First the Coffey Family! Had a super time at Longwood Gardens with Duncan and Kelly and their daughters Sydney and Sammy.


Next up, we have the Backert Family. My friends Jim and Marlene and their entire crew warmed my heart on a cold December day. 


I always enjoy my sessions with Stephen and Amy McDowell and their adorable boys!


Danny and Brynn gave me some amazing smiles this fall, and boy, they booked when the colors were glorious! That was the magic week this year for fall colors!


A special time with the Wilkinson Family this fall, as they bring home their adopted son, Mason and share their life and love with this special boy.


Here is a really beautiful bunch. Ben and Jenny Hokuf and their crew, including four littles of their own and four young adult cousins of Ben's who are a very special part of the family. 


Finally, here is another Hokuf Family...Ben's Uncle Bronson, his wife Sharon and ALL the kids!! What a great time we had as the entire gang reunited from all over and celebrated with a group session. Beautiful setting...Bronson's parents home and property. 
Acres of forest and creeks and memories. 

 I love looking at these and remembering the time I spent with each family. Love my job.

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