Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Sweet Shot Tuesday

I love Sunday. I don't know about you, but around here, Sunday is a day of rest.
Now that doesn't mean we don't do lots of other things,

Like get up and get dressed and go to church.

And then return home in a ravinous frenzy, and eat everything in the fridge.

But after we do those most important things...we take a power nap.
This week after my nap...and while hubby was still asleep, I played around with the camera.

One of my goals for 2011 is to learn to take better pictures...by first learning more about my camera.
So I lined up a few of my favorite old bottles so the light was hitting them nicely and snapped away. Here is one of about 20 shots. It takes me 10 shots to get one good one sometimes. Think of the developing cost before I got the digital! I know! Don't you love your digital camera?

Stop over at Darcey's for more sweet shots!

                                                                     Sweet Shot Day


  1. Beautiful! I take tons of shots too. Most of the time, I end up choosing the very first one I took.

  2. I love the vibrancy of the blues.

    I too think about how much it would have cost me to develop film from one of my bored-around-the-house-trying-to-find-something-to-shoot photo shoots. Definitely more than I could spend!

  3. Those are some awesome bottle shots! I love the angle and the color!~

    Our Sunday is very similar to yours!


  4. Love the color and detail in this shot! I have an old bottle collection and I have a set of the same blue in various sizes but they are round and have the name of a company in Baltimore, some kind of headache powder, I think. :-)

  5. The colours in this are gorgeous!

    And glad that you could relate to my blog title. Here's to us mid-life gals learning to rock our cameras :-)