Friday, April 13, 2012

Phone Pic Friday

Hi Everyone. 
I realize I have been a slacker here in blog-land. 
Not that it matters so much, as Boo Mama says, "my blog is read by tens of people everyday!"
Don't let my absence lead you to believe that I haven't been thinking deep thoughts, I have just been too lazy to write them down for the "masses".  So because I'm feeling a bit lazy in the bogging part of my brain, I'm gonna post a slacker's entry.
We'll call this Phone Pic Friday. Here we go.

My brother took his Littles fishing. They thought it was the coolest thing ever!! He sent me a gazillion pics and I used Pic Stitch, a handy Iphone app, to make this little collage.

My beautiful nieces, Sydney and Amy. Amy is a hair dresser and she applied feathers to the tresses of 6 excited little girls for Sydney's 10th birthday. Are they not the prettiest girls ever? LOVE.

Guess what I got?? So excited!!!!! Any suggestion for a good read? I just finished the Hunger Games.

Here is my son John's newest musical venture, a Blue Grass Band called Old Line Ruckus.

Here's a little clip for ya:

OK, Easter. Yep, it was an amazing morning of worship and praise to the Risen Savior!! And getting all dressed up is fun too, unless you're Jim or Mike. Haha, don't they look thrilled?

Of course, after church came the eats. Here is just a SMALL sampling of the desserts that my Mom made. Why all the cakes you ask? Well, Syd, Alex and Jeannie all had Birthday's with in a week so we had to celebrate my girls!! Love them so.

And there ya have it, the life of an Iphone user, documented in fine fashion and presented for the world to see. Hope you have had a great few weeks and a Blessed Easter!!
He Is Risen!!

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